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Friday, 25 July 2014

All the big stores and supermarkets sell fashion jewellery! Racks and racks of exactly the same pieces all glittery and lovely so why would you want to consider JewelleryByJune?

Well, let's see. I suppose it depends on the reasons you want to own fashion jewellery! Sure, the term 'fashion jewellery' seems top imply that it is disposable. We wouldn't call a diamond bracelet 'fashion jewellery' would we?

Look, times have changed and we all want to look good and feel special! Yes the stores have racks of shiny glittery necklaces and bracelets for the price of a bottle of wine but do you really want to see the same piece on someone else?

Here at JewelleryByJune we took the decision at the start that we would not mass produce jewellery. This is maybe a flawed business plan as we could often sell a popular piece many times over according to your emails asking for that necklace that was there yesterday....



Our direction is making you feel special and unique! Giving you the same power when choosing gifts for loved ones. You can honestly say to them 'This is just for you'.

It can only be good!



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