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Happy Halloween!

Friday, 17 October 2014

Halloween! The last step before Christmas! The Americans just love it and we are close behind these days with parties and functions!

What (If anything) do you do? Do you dread the trick or treat knocks on the door? Well of course one thing to remember is that this dark but fun season is a hop away from Christmas! We tend to get busy from now as we all start to think about something different this year for our loved ones! Perfume counters everywhere are busy with slightly embarrassed husbands and boyfriends marching right up to the counter knowing exactly what they want! Perfect customers for the sales assistants!

You may be surprised that here at JewelleryByJune we have many male customers that have usually found us by accident when looking for something different and unique! After all are not their loved ones unique? They come back too as we get so many emails about our complimentary personal wrapping on every order with tissue and ribbon so that they need do little else but present the gift!

Can you think of anything nicer than a gift that nobody else will ever have?

Embrace the season and have fun!

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