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Summer Madness!

Friday, 3 July 2015

Yes true - but we are also reducing EVERYTHING in the shop by 10%!

Don't forget also that an order of £25 or more means FREE FIRST CLASS DELIVERY!

This fabulous mix of offers is a credit to our web team and more so a perfect opportunity to get those forthcoming birthday and dare we say Christmas treats in the bag especially as they arrive the JewelleryByJune way all wrapped in ribbon and niceness!

Don't forget that almost everything you see here at JewelleryByJune has been hand made as a complete one off and we don't supply other shops with anything at all so you can be sure that you wont see 'GemsByJune' items anywhere else!

Don't worry that your choice may have been taken! The system will quickly remove items sold so if you see it then you can order your choice and receive it very quickly!

Just let ME know if I can help!

Take Care

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