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Getting the Images right!

Monday, 31 March 2014

  Getting the Images right!

Of course all websites put a lot of effort into getting product images looking good! some are razor sharp and some purposely have tints and dreamy blurring to get you in the mood to buy!

We have various techniques to get images of new pieces online as quickly as possible and we really do strive to show you how the jewellery actually looks. So why do we have a problem?

Well most shops and sites sell manufactured products where the images are created for sales of many thousand, Therefore it makes sense to get the imaging right at a substantial cost. That may involve professional photographers and marketing companies.As such when the image is right, it then serves for many sales and need to be changed.

Here we usually create one single piece per design and when that is sold then the image is redundant! Add to that our mission to bring you unique handmade jewellery at an affordable price and you can see that getting the journey from workshop to site is tricky!

This all being said we are now committed to improve our imaging so that you can see more of what the jewellery looks like in a more attractive way. Take it from us, jewellery is tricky to image!

Watch this space and just check out if you look at the photo's then look again - It's the second look we want to achieve!

Take Care and Happy Browsing!